How To Setup Bank Of Baroda Mobile Banking – BOB M-CONNECT – Detailed Guide

Bank of Baroda which is one of most popular International Banks in India has now brought for its customers a new facility to carry the Bank in their pockets. This new facility is known as Baroda M-Connect. This application helps you to carry out all kinds of Bank related work like transactions, getting account information, transferring fund and recharging mobile through your mobile. The way to set up mobile banking for Bank of Baroda is by downloading the app in your mobile and registering yourself. The process of setting up mobile banking for carrying your bank with yourself as you move 24X7 is a 3 fold process;

  • Registration
  • Downloading the software in your device
  • Activating the software

How to register yourself for the process of activating your mobile banking facility?

The first step, i.e., the registration can be done through ATM or offline by visiting the branch of the Bank of Baroda where you hold your account. The way to set up mobile banking for Bank of Baroda, through ATM requires these basic steps to be followed. The steps are:

  • Go to your nearest ATM counter.
  • Dip your card and enter your password.
  • After the password validation is done, you will get an option for M-Connect and you click on it.
  • You get the option for registration where you enter your mobile number of 10 digits and then press OK, if the number you entered is correct.
  • You re-enter your number which confirms your process of registering your mobile number and this also checks if the mobile number entered is valid.
  • If the number is valid, you get a message in your phone confirming your process to be completed, else it gives you an error message; ‘registration failure’ after which either you repeat the process for registration or visit your Bank of Baroda branch.
  • After the registration, you receive a SMS mentioning the link to download the M-Connect application. Users who use android, Iphones, blackberry and windows should download the app from their respective app store.

How to download the M-Connect app?

In case you wish to register directly from the bank, you need to visit the branch of BOB where you have your account. In this way to set up mobile banking for Bank of Baroda, you give an application requesting to activate your M-Connect or mobile banking facility. After the registration is completed, you receive a message with the link to download the app in your mobile. One must download the app from his or her specific app store depending on the type of system they use. You can download the app from the Bank of Baroda’s website too. You get the option for downloading the mobile app after you enter your kind of system and your phone’s model no. according to this information, the application file is given to you, which you save and download. For precautionary purpose, you are asked not to share the password of your mobile banking account with anyone. In case you choose to avail mobile banking with any number other than the pen you had submitted with your account, do visit your branch and carry out the process.

Download BOB M-Connect App from Playstore – Click Here