Bank Of Baroda Credit Cards – How To Apply – Eligibility – Detailed Guide

Bank of Baroda is one of the largest International banks of India. It is also a bank which provides all kinds of modern facility that can make an individual’s life easier. One such facility of BOB is various kinds of credit cards. These BOB credit cards look after the needs of every owner and help a person when he or she runs out of cash. There is also a saving term attached to the card which operates every time the card is used. Using the BOB credit card is very simple.

What are the various kinds of BOB credit cards?

There are several kinds of credit card facilities available for the BOB customers. According to your need and requirement, you can opt for any one of them or as many as you need. Some of the kinds of Bank of Baroda credit cards for the customers are:

  • BOB card Signature VISA: this card is affiliated with your VISA and the benefits can be gained by the high net worth users. This card allows expense up to 40% of the credit limit and works in 1 million ATMs all over the world. The card also carries a 50 lakh accidental coverage. If yearly the card is spent up to 2 lakh and the bill is paid duly, the expenditure amount is waivered high accordingly. You can earn loyalty points for every 100 rupees you use from the card.
  • BOB card Platinum: this card is also for high net worth customers. The card is accepted over 70 million places all over the world and can be used for transactions up to 1 million ATMs. Several benefits with VISA are provided with the card along with loyalty points. You can use up to 30% of the credit limit. The air accidental coverage is 1500000 and other accidental coverage is up to 500000. The annual fee is waivered is the card is sued to spend 50000 yearly and the due is paid on time.

Few of the other Bank of Baroda credit cards types are:

  • BOB Corporate premium
  • BOB platinum select
  • BOB Bombay bullion
  • BOB assure
  • BOB titanium master

These BOB Credit cards can also be sued internationally and the payable interest is only 2.6 % per month. The accidental coverage is up to 50 lakh and these cards are affiliated by VISA.

What are the criteria for owning a BOB credit card?

  • It is better if you are an existing customer at Bank of Baroda.
  • Your yearly income needs to be more than 2 lakh. The income varies from one kind of Bank of Baroda credit card facility to the other. For example, to be eligible for a BOB card Platinum (Elite) your income needs to be up to 12 lakh per annum.
  • You have to submit your pan card, voter ID, any other identity proof and your photo to register for the credit card facility. You can do the same online.
  • A bank statement of the 3 last 3 months to be presented also.