Fidelity is launching a family of sustainable investment funds, a new multi-asset class focused on an environmental, social and governance framework. comment défiscaliser en immobilier
Fidelity International launches The Sustainable Family, a range of funds on the theme of sustainable investment multi-asset class articulated around the environmental, social and governance (ESG). This range includes two product categories, best in class strategies and impact strategies. Best in class funds will seek to select companies that have a high ESG performance relative to their peers, while impact funds will use an investment approach that helps address the challenges of sustainability or create positive value for money. society and the environment. investissement défiscalisant
99 subsectors
“The range of sustainable investment, says Fidelity, will include five products [four of which already existed and have been repositioned]. In the field of thematic impact strategies, one, FF – Sustainable Water & Waste Fund [already open to the public since November 2018 and on the way to € 1bn of assets], is dedicated to the challenges of managing the water and waste. The second, FF – Sustainable Reduced Carbon Bond Fund (to be proposed from next January), will be dedicated to the reduction of carbon emissions. The other three, FF – Sustainable Global Equity Fund, FF – Sustainable Eurozone Equity Fund and FF – Sustainable Strategic Bond Fund, which will be available from the end of October, are best in class funds. “
The philosophy of the range is based on three pillars: commitment, exclusion and research. It combines Fidelity’s active engagement with a strengthened exclusion framework to ensure that the companies in which the funds invest adhere to certain ESG standards and behave in accordance with the values ​​of sustainable investing. The Sustainable Family benefits from a bottom-up research process that draws on the knowledge of more than 180 analysts and the expertise of its team of ESG specialists. The management approach incorporates the new proprietary sustainable issuer rating system, which breaks down the investment universe into 99 sub-sectors, each of which includes specific factors that allow an issuer to be assessed against its peers on a benchmark basis. rating scale from A to E.
“As responsible investors, adds Jenn-Hui Tan, Global Head of Sustainable Investment, we believe that by selecting companies that meet stringent sustainability standards, we can protect and improve performance for our customers. Our access to businesses gives us a forward-looking view of the factors affecting a company’s ESG performance. “